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How would you design your own individual city?

For better understanding please give me the following data about yourself*:

How do you get around?

*It will only be saved for the purpose of this study and not used otherwise.
Please beware that I use google firebase to store this data for further analysis.

Please use in full screen!

Individual City Logo

Sort the rectangles by functionality as you imagine your perfect city layout. You are the blue dot - that you can move freely, as well to wherever you would like to envision your home - best you start building from there. The rectangles represent different buildings/areas/complexes that form your city, for changing their size press the arrow keys. You can choose the right color by pressing 'c', switch the form with 'f' and round the edges with 'r' respectively 'e' for making corners. Blend in the grid with 'g' to have a little orientation. The final layout is the masterplan showing your personal needs in urban environment. It will be analysed by different measures at the end.

Individual City Logo
Individual City Logo

Further information

Architecture critics

How would cities look like if we, the inhabitants, were to say? As the architecture critic Jane Jacobs already saif in the 1960s about American cities: we do not improve dysfunctional parts by demolishing and overbuilding them. That will only defer the problems for a while. So let's look at a more socially, cultural, ethically and ethnically conscious city planning!


The analysis is based on a principle in psychotherapy where spatial relations are compared to inner ones. The distance and spatial position of another participant of a system in relation to yourself tells about functional and dysfunctional structure. That is what I use for analysing people's built cities.

thank you
Individual City Logo

Further information

What happens next?

For my master thesis I will analyse your cities further in relation to your personal data. I hope to see interesting correlations between personal living conditions and how you perceive the city. You will find this analysis on the website in a few weeks.

Thank you for participating!